Text Alert scheme
The Dromiskin Community Text Alert scheme and committee was set up by Dromiskin residents in December 2015 to discourage criminality and provide re-assurance to isolated and vulnerable people around Dromiskin.
The scheme is NOT an alternative to calling the Gardai or 999 in the normal way when criminality is being observed or is anticipated.
The scheme has an annual subscription of 10 p.a. towards running costs and is much appreciated. It is open to anyone within the Dromiskin area (see map below) with a mobile phone number, and is over 18. See Link to join. You have to be a member of the Scheme to raise or receive an alert.
The scheme's committee meets monthly to make it grow and improve. The aim is to keep it as simple and direct as possible.

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Text to: 085_167_2804
If you are a member and you see a crime being committed, or in progress, or about to happen, then send a report text (SMS) to the network phone number 085 167 2804. It is better to be safe than sorry, and if others are made aware, it might prevent further crime. We recommend that you put this number into your phone's contact list as Dromiskin Text Alert.
Please make the message's content as factual as possible, with details of WHAT, WHERE and WHEN but not WHO because that could cause legal complications.
A person appointed by the committee who is minding the phone will then review your message, possibly modify it , then send it out to the members asap, depending on its urgency.
Map of Text Alert scheme (approximation)
Link to Google map of location
A community initiative to discourage crime, re-assure residents and share information within the community and the Gardai.
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